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Solis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot & Power BankSolis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot & Power Bank
Solis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot & Power Bank
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Skyroam Solis X Global Wifi Hotspot - Toottoot SGSkyroam Solis X Global Wifi Hotspot - Toottoot SG
Skyroam Solis X Global Wifi Hotspot
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Skyroam Solis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot - Toottoot SGSkyroam Solis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot - Toottoot SG
Skyroam Solis Lite 4G Wifi Hotspot
Sale priceS$175.00 Regular priceS$189.00

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The Best WiFi Router to Keep You Connected

Are you experiencing some lag when you’re working from home or when you’re streaming your favourite series online? There could very well be a problem with your Internet connection at home. While signing up for a new broadband plan can be a solution - it might not be a feasible one for all. But fret not! With a wireless router, you can enjoy the best connection throughout every corner of your home. Since we live in a time when we’re highly dependent on Internet connection and speed, a reliable WiFi router can save you from all your connectivity problems. And at Metapod, we offer reliable routers that can provide you with stable and fast Internet connectivity.

Create a Stable and Reliable Connection at Home

We all know the importance of having a reliable and fast Internet connection at home. We depend on the Internet so much that the idea of not being able to have access to a WiFi connection seems like the whole world has stopped.

These days, online classes and working from home are the new norm, making having access to speedy internet all the more important. And with all the streaming and gaming options available today, having a speedy Internet connection at home is now a necessity. Investing in a WiFi range extender can help you set up a network that can keep you and everyone in your home connected.

Connecting Multiple Devices

The best WiFi routers allow you to connect multiple devices to your home network. If you are working from home, you can equip your home office with a laptop and other office essentials such as printers or communication devices by connecting them to one router. This allows you to send and receive information faster and more efficiently.

If everyone at home is online requiring high bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about laggy Internet connection as your WiFi router can provide fast connectivity, while ridding of any spotty connection. Connecting your smart appliances and gadgets such as your vacuums and security cameras to your network is also easy with the help of a WiFi router. You can enjoy the full features and benefits of all your smart devices and take your Smart Home connectivity to new heights.

Fast Internet Connection On-the-Go

Metapod also offers portable WiFi routers from Skyroam Solis that you can use for leisure or business travel. The best router for travel can provide you with safe and secure global Internet access so you won’t have to worry about your data privacy or bursting your data limits when you’re using the Internet abroad. A portable WiFi router is useful for business trips as it can give you access to your emails, allow you to download it from your cloud server, and navigate through your schedule for the day.

A portable WiFi router also gives you online access to various social media platforms and apps when you’re traveling or on vacation. Share memories on your social media accounts, access travel apps, and upload your photos and videos to your cloud drive from anywhere in the world!

Shop for the Best WiFi Routers at Metapod

Stay connected anytime and anywhere. Experience fast Internet speed and stable connection with the best WiFi routers from Metapod. We offer a variety of routers that ensure you have Internet access in your home or while you’re on-the-go. We also have a wide range of tech products that include action cameras, speakers, tablets and eReaders, computers and laptops, and many more. You can also browse through our best sellers and find what other tech gadgets and accessories you need. We also offer free delivery within Singapore for a minimum purchase of $10.