7 Metapod Electronics that Will Enrich Your End-of-Year Travels

7 Metapod Electronics that Will Enrich Your End-of-Year Travels

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Unplug to unwind, tune out to tune in, disconnect to connect — there’s no shortage of phrases and sayings that imply living in the moment requires distance from technology. We at Metapod disagree with each and every one of them. There are numerous ways through which the right electronics and gadgets can enhance and improve already-enriching experiences, especially when travelling abroad for a much-deserved holiday. 

Here are 7 Metapod electronics that will enrich your end-of-year travels with your family, friends, or glaring independence:

1. Noise-Cancelling Earphones

noice cancelling earphones

The best companion you can bring along to any trip entailing long flights or train rides is a trusty pair of noise-cancelling earphones to drown out unwanted noise and fuss. Be it so you can get a nice long nap amidst a crowd of crying babies, or simply to replace a stranger’s incessant chit-chat with Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok, a pair of noise-cancelling earphones can go a long way when it comes to starting your travel plans right and retaining your enthusiasm.

But there’s no need to worry if you don’t own one yet, we’ve got you sufficiently covered. With noise-cancelling earphones of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities, you’re sure to find just what you need at Metapod to tune out all unwelcome distractions and disarrays, and immerse yourself in your favourite songs, movies, or shows as you make your way to or from your destination. You can also consider some of our best noise-cancelling headphones at Metapod if you prefer these over their smaller counterparts. 

2. Good Power Bank

With that being said, even the best noise-cancelling headphones or earphones can’t save you from travelling-hell if your precious phone dies on you in the middle of your flight or train ride. That’s why of equal importance is a good power bank for your travels, such that you never have to worry about your devices running out of juice before you are safe from disturbance and distress. Just be sure to pick out something that will be allowed for carry-on travel, with a capacity not exceeding 100Wh. 

3. Reliable eReader

reliable ereader

And for those who love to travel both literally and literarily, a reliable eReader is a definite must-have for your trip. Carry as many books as you want wherever your travels take you, all without burdening yourself with unnecessary weight, with a compact Kobo tablet or ereader — or any other dependable equivalent, really — for your end-of-year travels in 2022. Shop the best ereaders at Metapod today.

4. Polaroid or Instant-Print Camera

polaroid or instant-print camera

Of course, no trip is complete without something to capture the memories with. While the latest smartphones may offer themselves as decent enough options, a polaroid or instant-print camera is the picture-perfect tool for your picturesque travels. After all, there’s no better way to live in the present than capturing its very essence near-instantaneously, and being able to relive and reminiscence the experience through physical copies printed to perfection. 

5. Action Camera

action camera

As for the adventure-loving adrenaline junkies looking to both have their cake and eat it, an action camera will allow you to do just that. From snowboarding to jet-skiing to cliff-diving and more, our action cameras at Metapod let you capture every second of high-quality action in just as high-quality (or more) 4K resolution. Built to withstand even the harshest of weathers and most exhilarating of thrills, these action cameras won’t fail you no matter how hard you push them. Be sure to also check out the many accessories we have for our action cameras such that you get everything you need in one single place. 

6. Massage Devices

Ever woke up one morning during your holiday adventures all excited for your planned morning hike`, but your legs just refuse to work like they used to (as in yesterday, before all that skiing and snowboarding)? Well, that’s because you’ve yet to meet our fitness massage devices

Speed up your recovery in between high-intensity activities such that your travel budget doesn’t go to waste, and indulge recklessly in all the sights and undertakings you initially set out to experience. Those who haven’t been exercising of late yet have ambitious plans for their year-end holiday travels may also want to consider the investment in a massage device (we won’t tell).

7. Portable Air Cooler Fan

Portable Air Cooler Fan

Not every place is as well-air-conditioned as the tropics of our homeland here in Singapore. If you’re visiting a place notorious for their sweltering heat for your end-of-year travels, why not bring your very own personal portable air conditioner with you? The Torras Coolify 2 Neck Air Conditioner from Metapod will have you refreshed and relaxed from neck to face whatever the weather. With a run-time of 18 hours off each 3-hour charge, you won’t even have to break a sweat about possibly breaking a sweat, for cooling is made simple and portable with this savvy air cooler fan. 

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At Metapod Singapore, we commit ourselves to bringing you a tech-focused playground reflective of both the current and future of consumer electronics and gadgets worldwide. Shop Metapod today for more than just your end-of-year travel needs, and keep a keen eye on our newest arrivals to witness and experience the latest that modern technology has to offer.