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MÖWE Smart LED Light Strip MW890L / MOWEMÖWE Smart LED Light Strip MW890L / MOWE
MÖWE Smart LED Light Strip MW890L / MOWE
Sale priceS$58.00
FIVE Portable Deodorizer & Sterilization LightFive Portable Deodorizer & Sterilization Light - Toottoot Singapore
FIVE Portable Deodorizer & Sterilization Light
Sale priceS$40.28
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YEELIGHT Z1 Pro Foldable Table Lamp (Global Version)YEELIGHT Z1 Pro Foldable Table Lamp (Global Version)
YEELIGHT Z1 Pro Foldable Table Lamp (Global Version)
Sale priceS$49.90
Sold out
Yeelight Rechargeable LED Monitor Light BarYeelight Rechargeable LED Monitor Light Bar
Yeelight Rechargeable LED Monitor Light Bar
Sale priceS$69.90

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Upgrade Your Smart Home with the Best Lamps

Tired of having to squint your eyes while working or studying away as your ceiling lights just can’t seem to provide sufficient illumination for the entire room? We feel you! From the flickering light bulb that is about to blow out to the wall light with its glow slowly fading over time, the burden of having to head out to get new light and pull out a ladder just to install it is dreaded by all. But what if there is a quick-fix solution that will allow you to receive target lighting? Introducing lamps! From table lamps to standing lamps, the extensive array of lamps will provide additional lighting to a room in an instant. However, with the plethora of options readily available and boasting a plug-and-play feature, which one of these light-emitting devices is the best choice for your Smart Home

Bringing in the Glow with Lamps

At Metapod, we boast a wide array of lamps in Singapore. Featuring high-tech features such as Wi-Fi compatibility, automatic shutdown, timer, and intelligent radar body sensing, there are plenty of options that can help set the right mood and boost the brightness of any given space. Helping you efficiently illuminate any darkened corners of a room, be it a desk lamp, bedside lamp or LED lamp, we have them all!

Recharge it Up!

Delivering constant light output and designed to achieve a longer runtime, rechargeable lamps are equipped with batteries that can last for hours on end. One of the best innovations in the chargeable lamp space has to be the development of various lighting modes that allow you to maximise the battery life of the lamp. Rechargeable lamps like the Yeelight Foldable Table Lamp Z1 have a battery that can hold high amounts of energy. With three lighting modes - High, Normal, and Saver - switch up the intensity or save your battery life, the call is yours. This rechargeable lamp is also designed with an NTC temperature protection circuit module to ensure safe use, and can even be folded for easy transportation.

Get Into Your Study Zone

Looking for something that will keep you company as you burn the midnight oil? Then getting the right table lamp for study rooms is worth considering. Table lamps from Yeelight, especially models like the Yeelight Z1 Pro Foldable Table Lamp, are convenient options and make great additions to your study table. Lightweight, portable, capable of emitting brightness of up to 200 lumens, and highly efficient at night, the fact that it uses high-quality lamp beads, prevents strobe flashes and protects your eyes from blue light, makes it all the more perfect for the study area.

LED the Light In

Lamps that leverage LED light technology are known to last longer, be more durable, perform better, and are more energy-efficient than any other source of lighting in the market. LED lamps or light strips are the new generation of lighting, designed for ultimate flexibility. From your walls to the bedroom, they can illuminate every corner with ease. For something colourful, flexible, powerful and totally easy to set up, the MÖWE Smart LED Light Strips are a perfect choice, while the Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp D2 is the ideal bedside table lamp with its ability to create a variety of scenes to elevate the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Illuminate Your Living Space with Metapod

At Metapod, we are relentless in our pursuit of discovering the greatest tech products like projectors, air purifiers, humidifiers, and more that will enrich lives. With an extensive collection of the best lamps including bedroom lamps and standing lamps, find your ultimate lighting solution to illuminate your living space. Explore our tech-rich playground online from anywhere, or get up close and personal with our range of products at our brick-and-mortar outlets. Shop online now and pay later with a 0% interest repayment plan when you shop our collection