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Torras Coolify 2S Wearable Neck Air Conditioner Torras Coolify 2S Wearable Neck Air Conditioner
Torras Coolify 2S Wearable Neck Air Conditioner
Sale priceS$278.90
Torras Coolify 3 Smart Neck Air Conditioner Torras Coolify 3 Smart Neck Air Conditioner
Torras Coolify 3 Smart Neck Air Conditioner
Sale priceS$399.00

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Portable Fans to Beat the Heat in Singapore

Singapore's humidity and heat can be tough to handle, so we're here to help you beat the weather. From portable desk fans to stand fans, we boast a wide selection that will allow you to savour the breeze without any hassle. Featuring various modern features, our collection is all locked and loaded, ready to provide a more relaxing experience than ever before.

Packed with a host of smart features like remote and timer control, variable speed control and silent operation, portable fans from Metapod will keep you cool and comfortable all day. These fans are lightweight and portable, yet powerful enough to provide you with fine air circulation at home or office. For instance, the Iris Ohyama PCF-HE15 Compact 6" Circulator Fixed Type is a compact yet powerful fan that circulates hot and cool air throughout the room, and most of all, it has only 30W of energy, a perfect energy-saving portable fan!

Space-Efficient Stand Fans

Even though air conditioning is the preferred way to keep the indoors cool in Singapore, it can be quite energy-inefficient. There are, however, plenty of other cool ways to stay comfortable and cool. And stand fans are one such cooling solution. Efficiently circulating the air around you, and you are sure to be kept cool and comfortable.

Stand fans come in a range of sizes, so you can find one that’s just right for your needs. Plus, they’re easy to move around, so you can adjust the airflow where you need it most. The MÖWE Smart Stand Fan MW910F is a perfect example of a technology-backed stand fan with stunning features. From scheduling uptime and downtime to controlling the fans using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice control, this is one of the smart appliances you can operate using smartphones.

Choose Top-Quality Fans From Metapod

Our selection of portable fans is ideal for use in the office, home and other indoor spaces. Our collection of fans is built with built-in quality, precision, lightweight, super compact, and durable making them perfect for any space. You can trust that they will keep your home cool. If you are a gamer or you spend most of your time in front of a computer, you know how hot things can get. Keep your immediate surroundings cool with a portable fan. And, if you’re looking for a remote-controlled portable fan or table fan, then the Iris Ohyama PCF-SC15T Compact Circulator Fan is a good choice as it comes with 6” vortex blades with strong airflow up to 25m and a 1-year warranty. 

At Metapod, we cover a wide range of advanced tech gadgets and home appliances like air purifiers, humidifiers, and other new collections of smart products. If you are looking for the best stand and portable fans in Singapore, you will not go wrong choosing fans from Metapod. Plus, our fans come with a minimum 1-year warranty. Browse through our smart products and choose one that makes your life more convenient. 

All our products are delivered within 48 hours of ordering online. Have any questions? Contact us today over email and we are happy to answer your queries.