Everything You Need to Know About Theragun: Is Theragun Worth It?

Everything You Need to Know About Theragun: Is Theragun Worth It?

Massage guns are the newest trend in lifestyle technology, and the Theragun is widely regarded as the gold standard. This rechargeable handheld device continuously pounds your body with a specified level of force in order to relax your muscles. In essence, it's meant to be a do-it-yourself alternative to a professional massage or a faster approach to ease post-workout muscular tightness, pain, and inflammation than a foam roller.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football superstar, has lately joined Theragun's large pool of international players that endorse the product. This includes British Olympic champion Mo Farah, Trent Alexander-Arnold of England and Liverpool, American Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova, and NBA sensation Paul George. Apart from that, the parent company has agreements with football teams Manchester City, Arsenal, and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as F1 team Red Bull Racing.

Aside from sports, the Theragun is designed for any adult to pick up and use safely, and it has several benefits ranging from muscle regeneration to enhanced range of motion and maybe even better sleep. But is the Theragun worth its premium price, or should you just get a cheaper massage gun that costs less than half as much on Amazon?

In this blog post, we will examine the Theragun from every viewpoint and determine once and for all whether it is worthwhile to purchase one for yourself.

How Does Theragun Work?

The Theragun massages the muscles using a soft, blunt tip at a high frequency. The brand claims that the massage gun’s tip touches and retracts from a person’s body 40 times per second, producing a percussive massage that penetrates 16 millimeters into the muscle.

According to Therabody, the Theragun works by suppressing pain impulses to the brain and improving circulation to the muscles. A person can use the Theragun on their own or ask someone else to massage the areas that are difficult to reach. The official website provides specific instructions on how to use the Theragun device.

How Many Different Theragun’s Are There?

The latest Theragun lineup includes four devices: Theragun Mini, Theragun Prime, Theragun Elite, and Theragun Pro.

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1. Theragun Elite – The model delivers pulses with a maximum force of 40 lbs and an amplitude of 16mm, and it comes with five different attachments and adjustable speed settings. It has an OLED display and can be Bluetooth-connected to your phone for guided massage sessions, with a force meter indicating how much pressure to apply.

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2. Theragun Prime – It costs $299, features an LED display, and has a maximum force of 30lb and an amplitude of 16mm. It has Bluetooth connectivity so you can make use of the Theragun app for guided presets. Moreover, Theragun Prime comes with four attachments; Thumb, Cone, Dampener, and Standard Ball.

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3. Theragun Mini - The Theragun Mini is an entry-level gadget, priced at $199. It's also the smallest (5.4in x 4.3in x 1.6in), hence the easiest to take with you on your traveling getaways. It comes in two colors; Black and Desert Rose and has an amplitude of 12mm for deeper, long-lasting relief. In addition to this, it has three-speed options with an LED speed indicator.

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4. Theragun Pro – This model is intended to be used by professionals, that is, it is used by pro athletes and sports teams. It is the most expensive, costing $599 and it includes several features that the other Theragun models do not. One of its unique characteristics is the ability to swivel its head in four different orientations to make it simpler to reach out-of-the-way muscles. The Theragun Pro also comes with two interchangeable batteries, each of which can last up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and can exert the most force of the four at up to 60lb of pressure. It also includes six attachments, including a SuperSoft attachment that is not included with any of the other models.

What’s good about Theraguns

When used before workouts, it improves the range of motion, especially in the upper back and shoulders. Additionally, when Theragun’s are used on aching muscles, there is an immediate feeling of pain relief.

There is faster recovery time with the Theragun following tough workouts, particularly long runs. More specifically, for a massage gun, Theragun is incredibly sleek and attractive-looking. Lastly, the device has a solid feel in the palm and an ergonomic, adjustable head that allows you to massage your own back.

What’s not good about Theraguns

One of the major cons of Theragun is that you can find high-quality percussive massage devices for significantly less money. Additionally, you may also be able to find massage devices with more features for a cheaper price. For far less money, you can obtain high-quality percussive massage devices with only one or two speeds. Of course, you won't enjoy "oohs" and "ahhs" from your friends if you purchase a non-Theragun, but if you aren't looking for brand praise, who cares, right?

I'm cautious to use the Theragun in spots where I have extreme muscle soreness. If I do, I usually have to hold the gadget slightly away from my skin so it doesn't punch all the way through. And if you have extremely tight muscular knots? Just forget about it. I would recommend using the Theragun once the muscular knot has got better.

What Does Research Indicate?

The Theragun is a portable percussive therapy tool. The goal is to apply concentrated force to a muscle in order to alleviate pain and increase the range of motion. According to the company, it can deliver deeper muscle therapy than standard hand or foam rollers.

Percussive therapy and deep massage were both found to be equally beneficial in minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness in a 2014 studyTrusted Source. They also discovered early evidence that percussion therapy can help reduce discomfort and the amount of lactate dehydrogenase accumulation in the muscles after an exercise. However, this study only included 45 people, all of whom were female. More research is needed to confirm its efficacy in a bigger population.

Based on a 2020 studyTrusted Source, percussive therapy can improve the range of motion without reducing muscle power. As a result, the researchers propose employing percussive therapy before physical activity to promote flexibility without losing performance. However, the study only involved 16 persons, all of whom were men.

Although there are largely encouraging preliminary investigations, they include a small number of participants. As a result, it is impossible to guarantee that the Theragun devices will be successful in reducing muscle pain or enhancing the range of motion for everyone.

Who Really Needs a Theragun?

No one really needs a Theragun! It is an accessory to a healthy lifestyle, but it is in no way a need. Nonetheless, a Theragun can benefit and be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Anyone who suffers from muscle aches or pains, in general, can benefit from a Theragun, but people who exercise frequently or lead very active lives stand to profit the most from any percussive massager. Athletes and people serious about fitness and rehabilitation will likely find that a Theragun is a great addition to their routine.

How Does It Compare with Other Massage Guns?

As aforementioned, the Theragun is regarded as the gold standard of massage guns in the same manner that the GoPro is regarded as the gold standard of action cameras. The main reason for this is that the official website claims that it's able to "reach 60% deeper into the muscle than average massage guns".

We can’t confirm Theragun’s claim, but its reported amplitude of 16mm is better than that of other massage guns, including the ELEEELS X3 Percussive Massage Device and the ELEEELS X4 Percussive Massage Device which has a quoted amplitude of only 10mm and 13mm respectively.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, the Theragun Wave Solo Massager is for $119.00, but it may not penetrate as far as the Theragun models. The Theragun Wave Solo massage device offers 3 customized vibration settings and 120-minute battery life.

Aside from amplitude, Theragun distinguishes itself from its competitors in two respects. The first is its triangular handle, which provides a more ergonomic grasp and allows you to massage areas of your body that are otherwise difficult to reach. Bluetooth connectivity is the second distinguishing feature of Theragun products (excluding the Mini).

Final Thoughts

The Theragun is a percussive treatment device that may deliver targeted deep-tissue massage to specific muscle regions. Additionally, following a workout, the machine may aid improve the range of motion and reduce muscular soreness.

However, the Theragun may not be suitable or safe for everyone. Before utilizing the gadget, anyone who has been injured or is in pain should consult with a doctor.