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Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer
Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer
Sale priceS$168.99
Jogen HD5111/5112 Ionic Quick Drying Hair Dryer Jogen HD5111/5112 Ionic Quick Drying Hair Dryer
Jogen HD5111/5112 Ionic Quick Drying Hair Dryer
Sale priceS$189.00
Philips BHD510/03 5000 Series Hair DryerPhilips BHD510/03 5000 Series Hair Dryer
Philips BHD510/03 5000 Series Hair Dryer
Sale priceS$149.00
Philips BHD351/13 3000 Series AirFlower ThermoProtect Hair DryerPhilips BHD351/13 3000 Series AirFlower ThermoProtect Hair Dryer
Philips BHD628/03 Prestige Hair Dryer with SenseIQPhilips BHD628/03 Prestige Hair Dryer with SenseIQ
Philips BHD628/03 Prestige Hair Dryer with SenseIQ
Sale priceS$299.00

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Hassle-free Hair Dryers

Tired of spending hours blow drying your hair? Some of our cordless hair dryers are ideal for taking on vacations or business trips because they can be folded into their handles to make them small. With today's incredible advancements in beauty tech products and gadgets, you'll realise that cordless hair dryers are indeed producing salon-style sharp results while protecting your hair from heat damage.

Selecting the Best Hair Dryer

Wireless hair dryer or not, the best hair dryer will allow you to create a variety of styles to achieve sleek, silky smooth, bouncy and voluminous hair. A blow dryer that has perfected the balance of heat and power also allows you to dry your hair rapidly without causing extensive damage.

If you're a first time buyer, it might seem difficult to choose the best hair dryer from the large pool of options available. Here are features to keep in mind when you browse our selection of blow dryers.

1. Speed Control

Always make sure that the hair dryer has a variety of functions for heat and speed settings so that you may adjust the settings to suit your needs. More powerful options that go up to 2300W can even create air speeds of up to 110 km/h for 20% faster drying.

2. Attachments

A hair dryer with multiple attachments will save you on time and salon costs. Some of the accessories you can use to style your hair while drying include concentrator nozzles, hair dryer combs, and diffusers. A styling nozzle, for example, helps to straighten your strands by directing heat and air to a precise area you specify – helping you achieve the perfect hairstyle you desire. Interested? The Braun Satin-Hair 7 HD 785 Senso Dryer does exactly that!

3. Cool Shot Button

Some of our portable hair dryers have a magic button called the 'cool shot'. If you have ever been in a situation where your hair gets ‘out of control’, then you know how important it is to have a hair dryer that has a cool shot button. This feature allows you to pick up a style model for your blow-drying, giving you perfect results in no time!

4. Product Specifications

Among other things mentioned in blow dryers, keep an eye out for specifications like warranty, precision control, motor speed, foldable handle, infrared heating, and multi voltage. These can affect your usage if you plan on travelling the world with your hair dryer.

5. Ionic & Thermoshield Functions

There are also additional functions to look out for to get the best results. One of these is the ionic function that can make your hair look silky smooth by efficiently fighting frizz. Thermoshield technology in hair dryers even provides the maximum protection against heat damage by actively adjusting the dryer's air temperature to an optimum level. The Philips BHD510/03-5000 Series Hair Dryer is one of the best hair dryers on Metapod with both of these functions.

Metapod Helps You Choose the Best Hair Dryers

Beauty tech products are an essential item in every man or woman's daily routine. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies can be difficult, but Metapod makes it easy with our wide selection of beauty products, including hair dryers, straighteners, shavers, trimmers, and curling irons. Find the best beauty tech for you at our online store.

At Metapod, we bring you the best hair dryers for women and men boasting a lightweight and ergonomic design for easy styling. We understand that customers love hair dryers with easy to-use functions like fast-drying, frizz-fighting, and a quiet motor. As such, you can rest assured that most of our hair blowers produce close to no sound; so you can use them without worrying about waking up everyone at home.