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Humidifiers - The Ultimate Celebrity Beauty Secret

You’ve probably heard your favourite celebrities rave about it when talking about their bedtime routine, or perhaps humidifiers have been recommended as the ultimate solution for all your skin woes - whatever it may be, the benefits of a humidifier cannot be denied. While Singapore is undoubtedly humid, there is nothing better than having a humidifier installed at home to get the humidity levels balanced by adding just the right amount of moisture back into the air. After all, it is said that indoor humidity levels should be kept between 30 to 50%. Although the various types of humidifiers might give us the opportunity to transform our bedrooms into a steam room, which one of these magical hydrating machines is the best choice for escaping the side effects of chapped lips, sinus issues and dry skin?

Improve Air Quality with Air Humidifiers

At Metapod, we boast a wide array of the best humidifiers in Singapore. Featuring high-tech features such as Patented 5 Stage Disinfection Technology and innovative design that allow crystal-clear water droplets to flow in an upward motion to push out cool mist, there are plenty of options that can add just enough moisture to your immediate environment to keep your skin supple and even relieve stress. Facilitating your quest to find an all-in-one solution that can ease symptoms caused by the common cold while keeping things comfortable in your home, be it a cool mist humidifier or a portable humidifier, we have them all!

The Two-in-One Combo - Air Purifier and Humidifier

Looking for an air humidifier that also functions as an air purifier? While air purifiers and humidifiers have completely different functions - the former keeps the air clean while the latter is all about adding moisture back to the air - advancement in technology has brought about the creation of the best room humidifiers that combines the best of both worlds. Introducing portable humidifier air purifiers like the Aurabeat AG+ Pro Medical Grade Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier. Capable of eliminating more than 99.9% of COVID-19 viruses in 15 minutes, this mini humidifier boasts features like a Patented 5 Stage Disinfection Technology and Silver Ion Air Filter that add to its appeal.

Get a Better Night’s Rest

Ever wondered how celebs like Mariah Carey go to bed? With multiple humidifiers near their beds! When you have the best humidifier in your room, a comforting condensation level will be created. And since most tend to resort to switching on their air conditioners - the ultimate dehumidifier - to beat Singapore’s tropical heat, escaping its side effects of chapped lips and dry throat can become a daily hassle. But with a humidifier, even a mini one, everything from soothing dry skin, alleviating snoring, and even clearing sinuses will be sorted out while you lay back and relax.

Get Cool and Misty with Metapod

At Metapod, we are obsessed with the now and the future and persistent in our discovery of the best tech products that will enrich lives. With an extensive collection of the best Smart Home products including humidifiers and air purifiers, find the right smart appliance that will improve the air quality in your living or office space. Browse our tech-rich playground via our online store, or get up close and personal with our range of tech products at our brick-and-mortar outlets. Explore everything, including our best-sellers, and pay later with a 0% interest repayment plan when you shop our collection. While you’re at it, create a free account and enjoy 10% off storewide with no minimum spend or discount cap!