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Top-Quality Phone Screen Protectors

The smartphone is a valuable and important item for many of us, not only in terms of price but also in terms of usage. From ordering food online to listening to our favourite music with wireless headphones, this handy device lets us complete many tasks and consume any type of media on the go. For something that plays such a vital role in our lives, safeguarding it is key. This starts with your mobile screen. Investing in a sturdy phone screen protector, whether it’s for your iPhone or an Android handset, is a worthwhile investment – after all, the cost of fixing your smartphone screen is far greater than the cost of a protector.

This thin protective layer will go a long way in not only safeguarding your screen from sudden slips but also help improve the user experience. For instance, certain screen protectors are designed to reduce fingerprint marks or prevent dust from settling on the screen. Others help to filter out glare so you won’t have to strain your eyes when using your phone. You can also find screen protectors that limit your exposure to blue rays emitted by your phone.

Different Types of Mobile Screen Protectors

Phone screen protectors come in various types – the one you choose is typically dependent on your lifestyle and personal preference. Are you prone to dropping your phone often? Do you find fingerprints on your phone screen a tad distracting? Do you need better protection from your phone’s blue light? Understanding your needs is the first step when deciding which screen protector is the best for you. Here’s a quick overview of the different types you can find:

1. Matte Screen Protector

The matte screen protector is pretty common among smartphone users, typically because of its scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint quality. If you’re comfortable with typing, scrolling and swiping on a slightly rough textured surface, the matte screen protector will be your best choice. The frosted look that these protectors come with can also offer an aesthetic touch to your smartphone.

2. Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

There is evidence that blue rays from your smartphone can harm your retina after prolonged screen exposure. Other studies note health effects as well, including memory impairment, neurotoxin build-up that affects sleep, as well as impact on concentration levels. Consider the anti blue light screen protector if you want to guard against blue-ray damage.

3. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For greater resistance to scratches, go for the tempered glass screen protector. Ideal for those who like to keep their phones in bags containing keys, loose pens and pencils, or other sharp objects, this screen protector ensures unrivalled protection with its thicker and stronger glass layer. You can also find tempered glass screen protectors with anti-fingerprint technology or anti blue light features.

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