Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow with Travel Case

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Color: Black


  • Easy-Breezy Travel - Air vents prevent sweating and overheating so you can truly chill.
  • Bye-bye  “bobblehead” sleep! Raised side supports prevent lateral head movements. (Bonus: 0% risk of shoulder drooling).
  • Check your back pain at the gate. The thin flattened pillow back aligns your spine, relaxing your back muscles and releasing all that pent-up tension.
  • Premium memory foam core feels like napping on a cloud - G iving a whole new meaning to “air travel.”
  • Sleep sweat? No problem. Moisture-wicking removable cover keeps your neck fresh and dry all journey long. Plus, it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable front clasp - The perfect fit for every traveler.
  • Save space for souvenirs - Pillow compacts to HALF its size! The included compact case attaches to backpacks or carry-ons for easy hands-free transport

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  • How do I use Evolution Cool’s front adjustable toggles?

      • If your Evolution Cool has non-magnetic toggles, simultaneously push in and hold the buttons on the outside, and then slide the toggle up to tighten or down to loosen. To pull the two halves of the toggle apart, press the button in the middle of the toggle. To reconnect, press together the male and female toggle ends until they engage.

        For magnetic toggles, simultaneously push in and hold the buttons on the outside, and then slide the toggle up to tighten or down to loosen. To detach the magnetic clasp, grab the ends of the drawstrings and pull out toward your shoulders. To close the magnetic clasp, bring the two halves together and let the magnet snap them together.
  • How do I wash Evolution Cool?

      • Machine wash the fabric pillow cover on cool settings and tumble dry low. Don’t bleach, iron or dry clean. Don’t wash the memory foam insert—simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let air dry.
  • How do I remove Evolution Cool’s fabric pillow?

      • Turn the pillow upside down and unzip the cover at the bottom seam. Then, peel the fabric cover off the foam down to the tips, where the cover is attached to the drawstrings. Unhook the toggle restraints on each side and slide out.
  • How do I pack Evolution Cool into the travel case?

      • Starting at one end, roll the pillow inward, condensing the foam as you go. Roll into a cinnamon roll shape, place it in the bag, and zip closed. Use the straps on the case to clip it to your luggage.
  • Can children under 13 use Evolution Cool?

      • Evolution Cool is designed for adults, with proper support for larger heads and necks. It is too big to properly support children under 13.


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