Philips PPM2702 Eye Mask Massager with Bone Conduction Music System & 3D AirBag Massage System

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  • Simulating Manual Massage with Airbags, Soothes Eye Swelling - Featuring intelligently designed airbags that encompass the entire eye area, this device replicates a manual kneading massage on acupuncture points, alleviating eye soreness and discomfort. The massager applies gentle pressure without exerting any force on the eyeballs, ensuring optimal care for your eyes
  • All-Round Care of the Eye Area with Independent Side Airbags - With dedicated side airbags, located alongside the main airbag, the device provides targeted temple area massage at an appropriate intensity, while also offering comprehensive care to the crucial acupoints surrounding the eyes
  • Hot Compress Promotes Blood Circulation & Relieve Fatigue - By utilizing an integrated temperature sensing device, the product ensures meticulous temperature control every minute, aiming to deliver an optimal heat sensation of 42C that effectively enhances blood circulation around the eyes, relieves eye muscle tension, alleviates soreness and dryness, and diminishes eye fatigue
  • Enjoy the 3D Surrounded Music with Bone Conduction Music - Experience the enhanced bone conduction music system that delivers immersive and high-quality 3D stereo sound, allowing you to enjoy a fully immersive massage experience while freeing your ears to be aware of external sounds, reducing feelings of confinement and promoting safer listening, all while enjoying the comfort and privacy of skin-friendly, closed, and anti-leakage bone conduction earphones
  • No Hindrance to Work, Reduce Direct Pressure on the Eyeballs - The visual window design alleviates claustrophobia, reduces eye fatigue, and allows for uninterrupted daily activities, entertainment, and work, while the grooved design around the eyeball ensures no direct pressure on the eyes, eliminating dizziness and other discomforts post-massage, and keeping eye makeup intact regardless of time or location
  • 5 Eye Protection Modes, Switch as you like - By short pressing the power button, you can navigate through various massage modes, including Eye Beauty, Eye Care, Sleep-aid, Eye Warming, and Music modes, with the intelligent ability to adjust the mode status based on the corresponding Bluetooth connection and offer personalized shutdown settings
  • Dry, Clean, Skin-Friendly with Nano Silicone Leather Lining - The inner lining, crafted from nano-silicone leather, provides a soft and smooth texture akin to baby skin, while offering durability and breathability to keep the skin around the eyes dry and well-cared for; it can be easily cleaned through scrubbing for added convenience
  • Convenient to Store & Carry Out - Foldable design, make it light and portable, easy to store

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  • General Specifications

      • Color - Dark Blue
      • Production Dimensions (LxWxH) - 215 x 114 x 80mm
      • Net Weight - Approx. 365 grams
      • Massage Type - Pressing, Hot Compress
      • Packaging Dimension (LxWxH) - 207 x 142 x 91 mm
      • Main Materials, Organic Silicone Urethane, ABS Plastic, Elastic Fabric
  • Main Parameters

      • Temperature of Heating - 42 (±3)  °C
      • Massage Modes - 5
      • Battery - 1200 mAh
      • Charging Port - USB Type-C
      • Airbag Quantity - 10 
      • Music System - Bluetooth / Bone Conduction Music
      • Charging Current - 500 mA
      • Charging Voltage - 5 V
      • Operating Power - 4 W
      • Operating Voltage - 3.7 V


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